Sunday, January 2, 2011

In Ground Fiberglass Pool

You are looking through the window at the crystal clear, sparkling water running over the waterfall into the pool. People are smiling in the pool and around it in the beautiful landscaping around the pool. This isn't a dream, it is your backyard!

Fiberglass pools are mostly constructed on an upside down mold and a gel coat is applied to the inside surface for the smoothness and color. Steps are also are also built as part of the shell. Fiberglass is then laminated over gel coat to desired thickness. Generally, your yard is excavated, plumbing installed, sand contoured to fit around shell is poured, the concrete deck around the pool is completed, and then the pool in installed.

There are different sizes and shaped to choose from. It may not be a large selection as these pools are large and mass produced. Once the pool is completed you can add the beautiful landscaping, slide, and diving board. Now is the time to relax in your own back yard!

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