Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How To Choose Color Schemes For Your Rooms’ Decor And Window Coverings

by: Daryl Plaza

How to choose color schemes for your rooms' decor and window coverings.

The color that you choose greatly affects the décor and window coverings. Colors establish a mood and feel of a room, and when used properly can create different illusions. Using neutral or lighter colors such as grays and cream colors will give you an impression of spaciousness, where the darker colors can make a big room feel more intimate. Warming colors have the ability to make a room more cheerful and give it a livelier disposition. On the other end, cool colors are a more relaxing and soothing feel. When choosing your décor color scheme, consider the effect that you are trying to achieve. Sometimes it is tricky to choose the right tints, shades or the tones in order to get your desired look. So understanding how to use the color wheel can greatly help you in choosing your décor colors.

How does the color wheel work for decorating.

Time and effort spent first choosing your perfect color scheme will repay you back every time you enter your room or open your curtains First here are some basics using the color wheel. A monochromatic color scheme will use various intensities and values of just one color. Using this color style is relaxing since it allows your eye to flow from one shade into the next. This creates the illusion of space. Implementing patterns and textures into this scheme is recommended. Having two or three colors falling next to each other using the color wheel creates an analogous color scheme. So pick your favorite color as the dominant and accent with the others.

Here are some complimentary color schemes.

Two or more ways to choose your home decorating color would be complimentary color schemes, which are made up of two colors which are exact opposite from each other on the color wheel. Their style will produce a dramatic and unusually stimulating effect. This bold effect will be softened if you use one color as the predominant with the other color as an accent color. Split-complimentary is matching one color from the wheel not to its complimentary color but to a pair of colors on either side of its complimentary color. Red would be teamed not with green but with shades of yellow and blue green. Varying the intensities of colors will have the best effect.

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