Friday, February 8, 2008

Modern Decor Tip: Blend Not Match

by: Bridget Greuel

Are you having a difficult time trying to match the colors of the different pieces in your modern color scheme? Want to know how Interior Designers solve this problem? I'll let you in on the secret...they blend not match. You can do it too. In fact, I recommend it because it will allow you the freedom of being able to incorporate more pieces into the color scheme and it will make your life easier too since you won't go crazy trying to make all of your decor match perfectly!

How do you determine what blends and what doesn't? A good rule of thumb is to stand back and look at the pieces in question together and to go with your gut feeling or (if you don't quite trust your eye for color) seek out a second opinion from a friend or family member with a good eye. This method is especially helpful when you're working with a pattern that may take on one general color when viewed from a distance. I also like to take a close look at each patterned piece to see which colors they're comprised of. Have fun and remember; blend not match!

Bridget Greuel is a designer and writer for Zazzy Art Decor at and Topic Tuner at Zazzy Art Decor features modern art and decor shopping and decorating tips.

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