Friday, March 28, 2008

Candle Scents To Enhance the Season: Fall Into Winter

by: Lisa DeClue

To decide on just a few candles is like choosing between eating chocolate and having lots of chocolate to eat… With so many scents to choose from, it's next to impossible to choose just one. This is part two of several articles to follow on choosing candle and fragrance scents for your home.

Having the perfect scent can vitalize my day and scents can improve one’s mood. Citrus scents rejuvenate and create energy, lavender scents are calming, and “holiday” scents are reminiscent of home. And then there’s the primordial magic of the flickering flame and poetry in certain scent combinations. So what do I use to renew myself? Home & Garden Party.

Here are some suggestions for scents that "fit" the months of November through February.

Blueberry Muffin:

Along with Hot Cinnamon Rolls, this one will make you hungry! Soft, warm and delicious.

Christmas Memories:

A little spicy, a lot warm and wonderful, this scent is a must for the holidays. I enjoy it burning with after dinner coffee!

Bahama Breeze:

This breath of fresh ocean air is most welcome during the doldrums of winter.

Crème Brulée:

This is perhaps my favorite fragrance because it is soft and creamy with a warm custard smell. Yummy!

Relax, Spearmint & Eucalyptus:

Fresh, calming with a hint of mint, this is a very soothing scent to have going in the background.

Of course, my favorite way to diffuse scent throughout my home is to use the Home & Garden Party Fragrance Lamp. The lamp uses an alcohol-based “oil” and is wicked up to a heating stone. After allowing the stone to warm for about three minutes, you blow out the flame and enjoy pure, clean fragrance that will permeate an entire floor of your home. It is very useful ridding the house of the stuffy, heated smell of winter indoors and really adds a pleasant aroma.

With refills in spiced apple, lavender, creamy vanilla, citrus infusion, floral medley, woodland breeze and passion flower, there’s at least one to please your nose and your visitors!

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