Saturday, March 1, 2008

Color Is A Catalyst

by: Lisa French

Color is the prime mover in decorating. There is no limit to it's versatility. it can change the shape and size of a room, disguise it's architectural defects, emphasize and dramatize it's good points.

Color is the catalyst that brings a room to life. Clever use of color creates the mood and atmosphere in a room...serene, gay or dramatic. Color plays it cool, or turns around and is warm and friendly. You can use any color with any period or style of furnishing and it will be perfectly compatible. Most important, color influences your own mood, evokes a personal, emotional can make your spirits soar or soothe and relax you.

When you enter a room, color makes the first impression, and so it should be one of the first considerations in your decorating plans. Creating your own color scheme is not as difficult as it sounds. An analysis of your of your wardrobe might provide a clue to the colors you are happiest with, your favorite color in fact.

If you favor neutral shades and spark your ensembles with vivid accessories, then a subdued background with bright accents is your best bet in the home. If your wardrobe reveals more pungent hued clothes with a repetition of one color, select this color and work around it.

You may own an original painting, which you treasure. Display it against a neutral background and key your color scheme to the painter's palette. In fact, let any colorful, prized possession inspire your color scheme.

Remember that a small swatch of color looks totally different than when it covers a whole wall. In fact, always bear in mind that color changes color when used in a large area. it becomes stronger, brighter and more intense.

Come Alive!...with Color in the kitchen

Let color burst forth in your kitchen. Dispense with that antiseptic look which sterile white, often creates. Match walls to the new colored refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers; make floors, ceilings, cupboards sparkle with bright shades to cheer up your kitchen. Remember, a daring color changes the shape and size of any room, gives it totally new dimensions.

Color Underfoot Provokes a Theme

Vivid color on the floor in vinyl, mosaic, tile or carpet makes a good jumping off point for a color scheme. Certain vivid colors which can look too harsh on walls, are doubly effective underfoot. They look more subdued while still remain lively, make successful backgrounds for white rugs, painted furniture, antique as well as modern pieces. Pale colored floors reflect light, help to enlarge a small room. Either way, a bright floor can be the color anchor of your decorating scheme.

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